About Us – PVT – Peru Travel …

We are a great team of professionals who make up this prestigious Travel and Tourism Agency PVT – Peru Travel. Our Travel Agency is duly registered and licensed by the Association of Travel Agencies of Peru, local government and by the Peruvian government. The main objective of our Travel Agency is to provide quality service and excellence and share unforgettable experiences with all our customers around the world. Our staff is always ready to support you and answer all your questions 24 hours a day for good planning your trip around Peru.


The main vision of the travel agency PVT – Peru Travel, is known as a travel agency and tourism with certified and good service at the local, national and international quality. We always work and do all of our services and operations activities thinking about environmental protection, also continue to encourage the growth of tourism in our city and country.


The main mission of our travel agency PVT – Peru Travel, is to remain in the memory of our customers as a safe and reliable company. We continue with the intention of supporting our new customers every day, constantly gaining certifications continue conservation and quality of service thanks to the support of each of our customers who rely on us and the services we offer throughout the whole Peru .


Our Travel Agency PVT – Peru Travel, has adequate infrastructure and is fully equipped and has experienced professionals in the area who willingly’s always service with a smile, and you will live unforgettable experiences during your stay with us and in this city so welcoming. We offer fast, secure and guaranteed our services care.
The main services we offer a variety of trips and excursions by Peru and always have the perfect plan for you. To the satisfaction of our customers we divide our services in:

  • Traditional Tourism.
  • Adventure trip.
  • Tourism in the Forest.
  • Tourism Mystic.

Among the four categories you will definitely find a program that meets your desires, from horseback adventure that takes us to fly in the Sacred Valley, to a mystical marriage in the land of the Incas up an easy and traditional site visit most beautiful in the world, Machu Picchu. If you are interested in a tour and chose one, gladly we arrange for you.